Jackson County I-90 Paving

In the summer of 2020, Complete began the reconstruction of a 10.5-mile section of Interstate 90 in the West bound lanes, starting at the town of Belvidere and then east to the Jones County line. This original stretch of concrete pavement was broken up, crushed and then re-incorporated back into the road as sub-base material. New base material was then added and then capped with 10.5” of new, re-enforced concrete pavement. Complete Concrete set-up and utilized a portable concrete batch plant near the town of Belvidere to facilitate efficient concrete production and placement. Bridge improvements and resurfacing were completed along this stretch as well. In the summer of 2021, the East bound lanes of the same stretch were completed in a similar manner. These two projects concluded to provide a significant upgrade to this stretch of Interstate 90 in Western South Dakota.

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