About Us

Complete Concrete, Inc. was incorporated in 2007 with owners Cindy Buren as President and Elroy Buren as Vice-President. In 2010, the company rebranded to Complete Contracting Solutions, Inc., a brand that is more suitable for matching our competencies in all phases of commercial construction.

Complete Concrete, Inc. dba Complete Contracting Solutions has established itself as a leader in multiple sectors of the construction industry in Western South Dakota, as well as throughout the Midwest and beyond. Our core work revolves around three primary sectors in the industry; as a concrete paving general contractor in the heavy highway transportation market, drilled foundations in the energy sector, as well as our general contracting and building construction capabilities in both the public and private sector.

We value a team approach in everything we do. Our team consists of talented and experienced industry leaders. Construction professionals with new, progressive, and innovative approaches, combined with the wisdom and knowledge of industry veterans.

We believe and operate with a growth mindset. Growth to be better. Looking towards the future, always forward, and always learning. Matching new challenges and opportunities, with innovative ideas and the passion to succeed. All while recognizing the foundation on which the company has been built, the people.

At Complete Contracting Solutions, we’re dedicated to our customers, the job, and safety.

Our Mission

Complete Contracting Solutions has a mission of completing construction projects on time, within budget and in a safe manner. We have a goal of completing our work with zero accidents and zero injuries, with work tasks designed to minimize or eliminate hazards to personnel and the general public. We pledge to deliver a satisfying experience to our clients through superior performance from each individual involved with their project. We will continue to embrace opportunities that will enable us to grow in a controlled manner in all areas that fit our core competencies.

Our Values



We hold ourselves to the highest level of standards in our work and in our dealings with customers.



Complete Contracting Solutions is committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction and no job is complete until we have reached that goal.



Our goal is to deliver a product that exceeds industry standards and expectations.



We have assembled a team that is diverse in education, training, and experience and has the focus and passion to be the best we can be.



We are committed to safety. We provide proper education and personal protective equipment to maintain the safety of our personnel and our equipment.