Foundation Drilling

The drilling division of Complete Contracting Solutions operates land-based drilling rigs across the Midwestern United States.  We serve the needs of anyone needing drilled holes ranging from one to thirteen feet in diameter up to 110’ deep.  

Our equipment changes as needed to fit current or future projects. We currently operate:

  • SoilMec model R518 capable of drilling 10’ diameter 110’ deep
  • Watson model 3000 capable of drilling 8’ diameter 72’ deep
  • Two Texoma drill rigs capable of drilling 5’ diameter 30’ deep
  • Watson EDT7 low clearance machine 8' diameter 53' deep
  • Watson EX130 short mass capable of drilling 13' diameter 80' deep

Complete Contracting Solutions has consistently provided exceptional service.  We provide our clients with quality, foundational drilling services using a highly experienced and qualified team.  Our fleet of drilling equipment can handle almost any project, and our highly trained and experienced crews ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently. Whether you require drilled shafts, electrical foundation drilling, drilled piers, and more, you can trust that Complete Contracting Solutions has the skill and experience to deliver your foundation drilling needs on time, safely and on budget.