Meade County US I-90 Exit 37 to Exit 40, and Tilford Port of Entry Building

Project ManagerJay Heinrich
OwnerSouth Dakota Dept. of Transportation
Contract Amount$35 Million
The purpose of this project is to reconstruct the I90 Eastbound lanes from west of Exit 37 (Pleasant Valley Road) to the railroad multi-plate at MRM 38.34 and the westbound on-ramp and eastbound off-ramp at Exit 40 (Tilford) due to the pavement condition. This will also include replacing the interchange at Exit 37 (Pleasant Valley Road - structure# 47-061-480), PCC surfacing, and replacing all the pipe within the project limits under the EB lanes. Additionally, a new Tilford Port of Entry will be constructed including a new building, new parking lot, and new E-Screening infrastructure.

SDDOT Website for project:

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